06 March 2024

CEO, Tareq Amin, shares our bold vision for reshaping the digital landscape at LEAP 2024.

Highlighting how Aramco Digital will be pioneering the next era of digital power for the region and beyond.

Aramco Digital's CEO, Tariq Amin, announced its vision for shaping tomorrow together, unveiling Aramco Digital's visionary approach towards shaping the future of digital transformation and showcasing their market-driven business units and solutions at LEAP 2024. Emphasizing how Aramco Digital is poised to lead the charge into the next phase of digital innovation for the region and beyond, this vision was highlighted by the signing of numerous MOUs as a testament to their commitment.

He elaborated on why Aramco Digital stands out as the frontrunner to guide the Kingdom into the digital era, stating, "Aramco digital is tuly uniquely positioned to lead in this space. Because of our unparallaled experience and the industrial knowledge. Together with our paired design of embed data and AI in everything that we do." He proceeded to outline the six primary areas of focus: Aramco Cloud, Aramco Intelligence, Aramco Connect, Aramco Secure, Aramco Solutions, and Aramco Sustain. These initiatives aim to provide cutting-edge products and services to enhance service delivery across these crucial domains.

"We are pleased to collaborate on Open RAN with Aramco Digital and to combine Intel's technological prowess in network and edge computing and software with the local insights and industry leadership of Aramco Digital. Together, we aim to accelerate the deployment of edge-nativeOpen RAN solutions in Saudi Arabia and beyond," said [Sachin Katti, Intel® senior vice president and general manager of the Network and Edge Group]. The Open RAN Development Center is planned to commence operations in 2024, marking a milestone in Saudi Arabia's journey towards a technology-driven future.

In his concluding remarks, Tareq emphasized the significance of partnerships in achieving their objectives, stating, "I truly believe that in order for us to achieve our objectives, it is truly going to be all about partnerships. We are about joint ventures, collaboration and we are about shaping the future, we are about shaping tomorrow together".  This commitment was acted upon by Aramco Digital's actions during LEAP, where they inked over 10 MOUs to expand collaboration and amplify their impact in the region.

In summary, LEAP 2024 marked a resounding success for Aramco Digital and its CEO, affirming their strategic vision and commitment to innovation.