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Our Products

AI as fast as now

An AI OS to empower you beyond the day to day. Designed to revolutionize how you navigate and optimize your organizational landscape.

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A first in sovereign industrial multi-cloud

A marketplace to instantly make use of an end to end infrastructure managed service using Aramco Digital’s proprietary orchestration layer & cyber-security protocols.

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Keep pace with ESG regulations

A comprehensive platform to responsible business practices, ensuring not just regulatory compliance but also meaningful impact for planet and people.

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Innovation for next-gen Connectivity

Collaboration between Aramco Digital and Intel engineers, researchers and industry experts to advanced 5G technologies and future 6G technologies.

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Pioneering the use of technology to transform society

Aramco Digital is built on six pillars of digital innovation to deliver on the promise of trust and ingenuity for an intelligent future. Through partnerships, investments, acquisitions, and capability building, we drive transformative digital solutions.

Striving for digital excellence from within Saudi Arabia

Experience boundless possibilities through Aramco Digital, your accelerator for digital revolution. Spearheading ingenuity, fostering the digital economic landscape of Saudi Arabia, and enlightening native talent. Collaborate with us to architect tomorrow and hold true to your potential.

Sustainable Solutions

AI First Company
Developed in Dammam
New Digital Power
Secure by Design
shaping tomorrow, together
A message from our CEO

"We seek to bring Technology, to Support, Enhance, Scale and Create... new opportunities in the region... far beyond those that exist today"

Fuelling digital innovation in Saudi industry, we foster local talent, partnerships, and projects.

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Revolutionize your business performance

Embrace the future of success and join us on realizing Vision 2030 for a prosperous Saudi Arabia for all. Our technology and products enhance business performance through optimization, maximizing efficiency and reducing costs. Advanced data and analytics capabilities, sovereign multi-cloud and artificial intelligence. With Aramco Digital's cutting-edge industry expertise, technology, and products.

Companies we partnered with  in our  growing eco-system



Employees & top executives from technology, industrial and consulting backgrounds. Join once of the fastest growing digital companies in Saudi Arabia

7.2bn USD
In signing announced at 7th iktva Forum as Aramco Digital launched
Specialized in digital solutions for industry & beyond