Aramco Digital is built on six pillars of digital innovation to deliver on the promise of trust and ingenuity for an intelligent future. Through partnerships, investments, acquisitions, and capability building, we drive transformative digital solutions.

Together, we will build a digital world that connects, empowers and inspires

Aramco Cloud

Cutting edge portfolio of solutions powered by multi-cloud, sovereign, and secure technology offerings with elastic managed services flexible to your needs.

Scalable, sovereign and secure cloud services for enterprises and government customers.
Aramco Intelligence

Accelerating the deployment of AI by radically democratizing the expertise needed for businesses to truly harness the power of Data and AI.

Analytics & AI technologies to drive insights and enable data driven decision-making.
Aramco Connect

Industrial connectivity solutions for seamless data exchange and optimization between systems, enabling connectivity anytime, anywhere.

Solutions connecting anyone, anything, anywhere and everywhere.
Aramco Secure

Leading managed security & consulting service for IT organisations, providing best in class solutions to government and industrial sector clients.

Software products to protect digital systems and networks from threats.
Aramco Solutions

Transforming how businesses operate and realize value through new digital solutions and services bespoke to your growth strategy.

Partnering with customers to address pain points around digital platforms and solutions.
Aramco Sustain

Embark on a transformative journey, seamlessly integrating eco-friendly solutions that not only enhance operational efficiency but also drive measurable progress towards global targets.

Cloud based sustainability solutions to track, manage & optimize environment and social impact.

Intro to Products

Our products drive change in the world we live-in today. Discover our latest line-up of next generation tools to enable you and your business for the future.