Aramco Digital Cloud delivering cutting-edge solutions to meet the evolving needs with a focus on multi-cloud offerings and a robust marketplace, we empower organizations to harness the full potential of cloud technology, driving agility, scalability, security and efficiency.


Cloud agnostic and provides interoperability with high end GPUs
Assure data residency, privacy, and security compliant with KSA and NDMO regulations
Revolutionize cloud computing empowering organizations to scale with Aramco Digital products and services

Top challenges faced by organizations today

Of organization are unable to effectively undertake capacity planning in a multi-cloud environment and manage cloud spend.
Of organizations believe they do not have the right security architecture to support multi-cloud set-up.
Of organizations have difficulty getting a global view of utilization and spend across a hybrid/multi-cloud infrastructure.

Our Solutions

Enabling multi Cloud hosting, networking and orchestration

Enabling multi Cloud hosting, networking and orchestration

Providing managed services and support

By providing managed services and support

To excel in turn key services and platforms

To excel in turn key services and platforms

Our Products

A first in sovereign industrial multi-cloud

A marketplace to instantly make use of an end to end infrastructure managed service using Aramco Digital’s proprietary orchestration layer & cyber-security protocols.

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Our Value proposition

Cloud - agnostic & no vendor locking(provides interoperability)
Access to niche Saudi Aramco expertise and data
Best-in-class platform to accelerate development of solution
Assured data privacy, security and compliance with KSA regulations
Continuous innovation to aggregate best of the industry on the platform

Platform overview

Cloud platform overviewCloud platform overview

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